Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A couple of months ago, I saw Michael Chiarello use a lime squeezer on the Food Network. I searched online for one as limes are hard to get all their juice out when needed for a recipe. After researching several sites, I found this awesome contraption that juices limes and lemons. So, I went out to buy it from William Sonoma (WS) immediately. The $20 cost seemed pricey, but has been well worth it as I use it a few times a month at least to juice lemons or limes for various recipes. I give the lime/lemon juicer 5 stars.

Another trip to WS for a food technique class introduced me to the avocado pitter/slicer. Since I was planning to do a homemade quacamole last month, I purchased it. It definitely helps with gutting an avocado, but I think some savvy practice with a large spoon (and knife for slicing) would do just as well or maybe I need to keep practicing with my new gadget. O'well...I give this $15 contraption 3.5 stars mainly because the width of an avocado varies meaning the pitter/slicer is not exact.

Please share in the comment section about any kitchen gadgets (and where to find them) that you find helpful. Thanks!

Below are pics and descriptions of my new gadgets from the WS website.

Two-In-One Citrus Juicer

There’s no need for two separate tools to juice lemons and limes when you have this cleverly designed manual juicer. It features a movable two-sided center plate (one side sized for lemons, the opposite for limes) and a unique pressing action: Squeeze the tool’s handles and the citrus is turned inside out, which extracts every flavorful drop of juice but leaves the rind, pulp and seeds behind. Constructed of nonreactive powder-coated cast aluminum. Dishwasher safe. 8 3/4" long. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.

Avocado Pitter/Slicer

When it comes to slicing avocados, this is the perfect tool for the task. One end of the handy device deftly pits an avocado, while the opposite end creates perfect uniform slices of the fruit’s tender flesh. The slicer/pitter is constructed of stainless steel and heavy-duty plastic. Dishwasher safe. 9 1/2" long.


Chrissa said...

I will have to remember that avocado slicer as a gift idea! My mother-in-law uses avocados a lot. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is my veggie cleaner finger-brush. It slips on my finger w/ the bristles face down so you can scrub veggies/fruits nice & clean! I'm sure most everyone has one, but I just purchased mine last summer & it became a life saver!

Clay and J said...

I've been thinking about some type of juicer for lemons/limes...

I'm pretty Rachael Ray when it comes to gadgets--give me a good chef's knife, and I'm good to go. I honestly think using a knife and spoon are the best for avocados, but I'm just not a gadget gal. Oh, when I go to a kitchen party or to WS, I want some of them, but my good ole' chef's knife is my favorite all around!

Chris and Rebecca Lee said...

i'm not usually a gadget girl either, but was definitely on a hunt for the lemon/lime squeezer. i agree that a knife and cutting board can do just about anything!